Maltron Keyboards
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Single Hand Keyboards

Single Hand Keyboards

Maltron single or one hand keyboards have been developed as a logical step forward to meet the needs of those who need to perform keyboard operations with one hand. The shape matches natural hand movement and the key arrangement minimises finger movement, raising speed and relieving frustration.


Maltron left-hand single keyboard

Maltron right-hand single keyboard


The special shape and letter layout have been very carefully planned, taking into account the limited number of keys that can be accessed quickly and comfortably.

Word-processing input speeds of 85 words per minute have been demonstrated by operators using Maltron single handed keyboards. The fully ergonomic shape ensures freedom from strain and no RSI type problems have been reported in over 10 years, although all the work is done by one hand.

Both Left and Right hand models are designed for "Touch Typing".  Self paced training manuals ensure quick, easy learning. Both screen and paper based versions are available. (Screen based training is avilable from the 'Training' section of the main menu at the top of this page.)

These one hand keyboards have Push-On Push-Off keys for Shift, Control and Alt functions; essential for single hand operation.

The unique switchable dual layout feature of Maltron keyboards has now been developed for one handed keyboards to give an alternative number entry option. For intensive number work the flat number panel alongside the letters is not ergonomic and can lead to fatigue as there is nowhere to rest the hand during pauses. To overcome this problem the number pad numbers are now also grouped on the letters keys. Either letters or numbers may be immediately selected by pressing a separate button. Windows keys are also included.

Please Note: All Maltron keyboards are now only available with USB connectors and may be purchased via our web shop.



Width: 30cm
Depth: 22.5cm
Height: 12cm (including top row of keys)
Weight: 0.8kg
Connectivity: USB
Cable length: 2.0m (approx.)
Compatability: PC only

Maltron right hand single keyboard in use

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