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Maltron Mouth / Head Stick Keyboard

Maltron Mouth / Head Stick Keyboard

MALTRON Single finger or Head / Mouth stick keyboards have a unique shape and keyboard layout designed to minimise head or finger movement while keying.

Maltron head / mouth stick keyboard

Often described as a head keyboard, mouth keyboard or single-finger keyboard, the shape matches natural head movement and the key arrangement minimises finger or stick activity, raising speed and relieving frustration. Push-On, Push-Off keys are provided for Shift, Control and Alt.

The single finger, head or mouth stick keyboard can be used for conditions that exclude typing with the hands. It can be used on a table as shown, or attached to an articulated monitor arm adjusted to suit the user.  It is also fully ergonomic in that the rectangular front is concave to match stick end movement.  The letter layout, equally ergonomic, is arranged to have the most used letters grouped in the centre to give minimum movement.

Maltron head / mouth stick keyboard in use with mouth stick

MALTRON keyboards all have the ability to turn off key repeating at the keyboard if it is not wanted. If allowed by the software in use, the repeat rate can be set to SLOW, MEDIUM or FAST at the keyboard.

The head / mouth stick keyboard is now only available with a USB connector. You can order online via our web shop.


Alternative language letter layouts.

Other language layouts are available, and include Canadian-French, English UK, English US, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.


Comparison of Maltron Frequency of Use (FoU) layout to a standard Qwerty Keyboard

Analysis between the Maltron layout and use of a standard Qwerty keyboard show that the ratio between Qwerty and Maltron layout is 1.5 times.

This analysis has been undertaken using the Modern Prose source text and calculates the movement and distance travelled from key to key. Shifted keys (Capitals Etc.) add the additional distance required to move to the shift key before keying the shifted character.


Total characters typed 9,635,540
Qwerty distance moved 673.0 Kilometres
Maltron distance moved 449.8 Kilometres
Maltron / Qwerty ratio





"Frequency of Use" for Single Finger/Stick Use Letter Layouts

A sample of modern prose work by various authors has been analysed and shows the following graphical distribution with the letter placements on the mouth/head stick keyboard.


Frequency of Use analysis chart for Maltron key layout
Chart 1: Modern Prose FoU - Mouth/Head Stick Layout


The above chart shows the even spread of movement during writing.

Note: For clarity in the QWERTY diagram below, the space key has been shown on the bottom row. As a double key it is in fact closer to the main group.



Frequency of Use analysis chart for QWERTY key layout

Chart 2: Modern Prose FoU - Qwerty Keyboard Layout



The above shows the advantage of the use of the Maltron keyboard over the use of a standard Qwerty type.  You can see that  on the Maltron Mouth / Head stick FoU layout, activity is reduced to the central group of keys. Although the ratio of 1.5 times for a Qwerty keyboard may not seem much at first glance, as the figures show this adds up to a significant difference over time. Additionally the amount of side to side movement is greatly reduced and more balanced with up and down movement. This is significant in reducing strain on the head, neck and upper body muscles.

Additional advantages of the Maltron Keyboard become apparent when you consider other forms of input, such as numerical data. The close proximity of the number pad area allows their easy use. Conversely on a standard Qwerty keyboard the number pad area is a significant distance from the main group of keys and may in fact be unusable.



Width: 31cm
Depth: 20cm
Height: 9.5cm
Weight: 0.75kg
Connectivity: USB
Cable Length: 2.0m (approx)
Compatability: PC
Mounting: Standard VESA 100mm
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